Friday, October 14, 2011

Back at it. some people, I've had every intention to keep up with this blog and have failed miserably! It has been since JANUARY that I've posted..YIKES.

I am an extrovert, so it is helpful for me to process things by expressing myself. This makes blogging helpful for me, and hopefully through the journey God takes me through some of my thoughts are helpful to you too :)

So now I'm back at it.

To try and fill you all in on what God has done in my life since January would require me to write a novel haha. So I will just post an update of where I'm at now.

As I had written in January, there were many changes that were possibly to come. Well, those changes have come. Mike is a full time staff intern with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Grand Valley State University, so we have relocated to Grand Rapids, MI. I have joined volunteer staff for the semester with him and am leading and training the worship team as well as mentoring 5 girls. I am also finishing up my last semester of classes for my Masters degree in Occupational Therapy, and then I will head off to two different full time internships from January-June.

This transitions has caused me to come face to face with a lot of the insecurities that I've been able to push under the rug for a while now. It has been humbling, painful at times, and refining. But seriously, God is molding me into who He created me to be so I truly see this season of my life as beautiful--even though it sure doesn't feel that way some days.

As the title of my blog says, "Identified", that is exactly what God is continuing to teach me but more intensely. God is teaching me that I am identified as a princess, not a pauper; that I am unique, not someone that needs to duplicate someone else; that I can depend on my God that is constant, not my emotions.

I'm going to keep this short and sweet for now. More will be unraveled as time goes on. But my hope is that as I continue to seek and find my identity in Christ, you too would find yourself discovering how God sees you and who He made you to be.


  1. Mmmhmm... God is your one constant, our identity is only in him.

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